Brad Marchand best social media moments
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Love him or hate him, Brad Marchand knows how to get people talking.

The Boston Bruins’ agitator has become one of the NHL’s best forwards, but he’s also developing an off-ice reputation.

Marchand has an entertaining personality and isn’t afraid to voice his opinions on social media. The 33-year-old has chirped fans on Twitter, clashed with NHL team Twitter accounts and recorded a vlog on a fan’s phone.

Here are Brad Marchand’s best social media moments to date:

Marchand embraces dirty playing style 

The best villians are the ones who know exactly what they are. Brad Marchand embraced his controversial playing style with a hilarious social media post back in October 2017. EA Sports’ NHL 18 had just been released ahead of the upcoming NHL season. At the time, Marchand had already been fined/ suspended by the NHL for slew-footing, spearing and a myriad of other dirty plays. Marchand’s “dirty” reputation was at an all-time high.

The Bruins’ forward decided to play into his role as the NHL’s villain. Marchand acknowledged a Penguins fan on social media who created a “Brad Marchand NHL 18 controller”. In the post, the fan designates certain buttons you can use to execute dirty moves while playing as Marchand in the videogame. Marchand shared the controller on social media, tweeting “Anyone want to play some NHL?”

Marchand chirps Canadiens Twitter account 

The Bruins vs Habs rivalry is one of the best on-ice rivalries in the NHL, and the chirping escalated to social media during the 2018-19 season. Brad Marchand stirred up all kinds of controversy in the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs when he licked Tampa Bay Lightning forward Ryan Callahan with his tongue. Social media went nuts reacting to Marchand’s disgusting action.

The Bruins were eliminated in Game 5 by the Lightning two days after Marchand’s licking incident. Even though the Montreal Canadiens didn’t qualify for the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs, they decided to poke fun at Marchand’s licking on social media. The morning after Boston’s season-ending loss, the Habs twitter account tweeted “without naming names, just a reminder that licking is frowned upon on the golf course as well.”

It was a funny tweet from the Habs social media, but might’ve been better suited coming from a team that wasn’t already on the golf course themselves. Marchand clapped back at the Habs Twitter account, replying “Funny…throwing shade when you were out of the playoff race since October”. With Boston making it to the second round of the playoffs and Montreal finishing with the third-lowest point total in the Eastern Conference that season, it’s safe to say Marchand got the last laugh.

Marchand owns Bruins reporter Joe Haggerty 

Brad Marchand typically chirps fans the most on social media, but media members certainly off limits. The Bruins’ winger voiced his displeasure with an article from veteran sports columnist Joe Haggerty back in March 2019. Haggerty is one one of the biggest names in Boston sports media, but he’s been criticized for some of his “hot takes” and opinion pieces. Marchand didn’t like an article from Haggerty questioning whether the Bruins were a better team defensively without Torey Krug in the lineup. During that season, Krug was Boston’s top defenseman and finished fifth on the team in scoring with 53 points.

Marchand saw the article on Twitter and responded to Haggerty sharing his column. “What kinda garbage is this haggs…you don’t even watch the games you just stand at the snack bar the whole time,” Marchand tweeted. While we don’t condone making fun of another person’s physical appearance, Marchand didn’t go overboard and stuck up for his friend and teammate in the process.

Marchand responds to shootout fail 

Marchand had an ultimate comeback after ending up on the blooper reel during the 2029-20 NHL season. During a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins, Marchand completely whiffed on his shootout attempt to cost his team the game. Marchand didn’t just lose control of the puck or miss the net with the shot; he missed the puck completely. It was one of the most bizarre shootout attempts of all time and led to fans flooding to Marchand’s Twitter to make fun of him.

Instead of acknowledging what happened on the shootout attempt or giving the viral video more attention, Marchand simply posted a picture of him hoisting the Stanley Cup in 2011 along with a winking face as the caption. Considering Philadelphia hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1975, Marchand’s picture put an end to the chirping from Flyers’ fans.

A Sharks fan took it a step further, however, replying to Marchand’s picture with the Stanley Cup. The fan tweeted at Marchand, “That’s great and all. But at least I can pick up the puck cleanly in the shootout. Also, I’m sure last night is going over real well in the group text”. Marchand put the fan in his place, replying “Your shootout is in your driveway not the NHL peasant. You pretend to be me in your backyard dream big bud.”

Marchand destroys chirping Devils fans

New Jersey Devils fans learned the hard way that it isn’t a good idea to chirp Brad Marchand. Marchand responded to two separate New Jersey fans that tried to chirp him on a comedic Twitter post. The interaction took place in February 2021 after the Devils beat the Bruins 3-2 at TD Garden. Marchand acknowledged a tweet from a Bruins’ fan account showing a picture of him passed out with the Stanley Cup back in 2011.

Considering the timing of Marchand being on Twitter, Devils fans decided they would let Marchand know their thoughts about a controversial play from the game. Marchand was criticized for a high-stick play on young Devils’ superstar Jack Hughes. Commenting on Marchand’s unrelated tweet, a Devils fan tweeted “f*cking rat. Trying to cross check Hughes in the throat…we got the last laugh in that game.” Marchand responded, “You didn’t get s**t your a** was at home in bed with your stuffy don’t compare yourself to the big dogs”.

Marchand wasn’t done there, however, as he also destroyed another fan who tried to chirp him. A fan tweeted at Marchand, “commas might help with your sentence structure bradley”. Marchand replied, “I got plenty of commas pigeon”.

Marchand’s reported net worth of $25 million backs up that claim nicely. To this day, the fan Marchand chirped on Twitter lists “Don’t try to chirp Brad Marchand” as his Twitter bio. Not bad advice for any hockey fan thinking of chirping the Stanley Cup champion.

Marchand calls out NHL about non-Olympic participation 

Brad Marchand wasn’t a fan of the NHL’s decision not to send its players to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The NHL officially announced in December 2021 that it would be withdrawing from te February 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing due to rising cases of COVID-19 across the league. NHL players were supposed to represent their countries at the Olympics for the first time since 2014 Sochi. The NHL committed to allowing players to go to the Olympics as part of the new CBA signed in summer 2020.

Marchand has never played for Team Canada at the Olympics, so it’s no surprise he was frustrated with the NHL’s decision. The Bruins’ forward will be 37 years old by the time the 2026 Olympics roll around. Marchand published a lengthy statement on Twitter voicing his displeasure with the NHL. The Quebec native complained that the NHL can change the rules of the CBA to add a taxi squad during the season so the league doesn’t miss games, but they can’t do the same during the Olympics. Marchand called it bulls**t and says players should be able to make their own choice about going to Olympics.

Marchand feuds with Hurricanes Twitter account 

We’re 100 percent here for the Brad Marchand vs Carolina Hurricanes rivalry. Not only do the two teams have a great on-ice rivalry, but now we have beef off the ice. It all started in January 2022 when Carolina Hurricanes reporter Chip Alexander asked forward Vincent Trocheck if his his playing style is similar to Marchand’s. “Are you calling me a rat?”, Trocheck responded. Marchand earned the nickname “the rat” due to his physical appearance and agitating play style.

Marchand caught wind of Trochek’s comment and wasn’t a fan. The Bruins’ forward took to Instagram to share his opinion of the comparison. “This is like comparing a Lambo to a Prius,” Marchand wrote in a since-deleted post. It also included three screenshots comparing his stats to Trochek’s. Safe to say Trocheck isn’t on Marchand’s level in terms of NHL production.

That wasn’t the end of the beef, however, as the Bruins and Hurricanes played the same night of Marchand’s comment. Carolina dominated Boston in a 7-1 victory at PNC Arena. After the game concluded, the Hurricanes poked fun at Marchand’s Lamborghini comments. “L stands for Lamborghini”, the Canes Twitter account tweeted, attaching a graphic of the game score.

While the Canes got the victory on the ice, Marchand clapped back on Twitter. “You’re still the reason we pay 20% in escrow”, Marchand tweeted to the Hurricanes. The NHL escrow process is complicated, but it’s easy to understand what Marchand is saying. The Canes were one of the NHL teams that lost money over a significant period of time. Marchand is basically implying Carolina is the reason the league has low revenue and players have to leave more salary in escrow as a result.

Marchand steals fan’s phone pre-game 

Brad Marchand went viral in January 2022 after he took a phone from a fan and recorded a video on it. Marchand pulled the stunt on young Bruins’ fan Aiden Smith before the team’s game against Washington. As Marchand came off the ice for warm-ups, he spotted Smith in the stands recording him with a phone. Marchand grabbed the phone and went for a walk as he recorded a quick and hilarious vlog. That’s one video Smith won’t ever be deleting.

Marchand takes jab at Oilers fans

Who knew one of the biggest hot takes about the Edmonton Oilers would come from a player on the Bruins. The comment came in January 2022 after the Oilers lost 6-0 to the Florida Panthers on home ice. There were three Oilers jerseys thrown on the ice as the team picked up a seventh straight loss. Marchand took to his Instagram account to share a controversial prediction about the Oilers. Commenting on a Spittin’ Chiclets Instagram post about the jerseys on the ice, Marchand wrote “And fans will wonder why McDavid and Draisaitl don’t sign back there again”.

The Oilers are on track to miss the playoffs for the fourth time in seven years since drafting McDavid first overall in 2015. A funny jab from Marchand…or a harsh reality for Oilers fans when McDavid and Draisaitl become UFA’s in 2025-26 and 2026-27.

Marchand chirps Arizona Coyotes 

Leave it to Brad Marchand to make NHL attendance jokes funny again. Marchand poked fun at the lack of attendance at Arizona Coyotes game on Twitter in January 2022. Marchand’s chirp came after news broke that the Coyotes are working on a deal to play the 2022-23 season at Arizona State University’s new 5,000-seat arena. Replying to a news story about the Coyotes’ new limited capacity arena, Marchand tweeted “Well… the only way they get 5000 fans at their games now is if they give 4500 away for free so wouldn’t change much”. While the chirp was savage, NHL attendance numbers suggest Marchand isn’t far off with this one.

Wonder what Marchand might do next? Here are links to his official social media channels so you can keep up to date with the shenanigans.

Brad Marchand Twitter Account: @BMarch63

Brad Marchand Instagram Account: @BMarch63

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