Sam Bennett sucker punch on Brad Marchand
(Screenshot/ NHL on TNT)

It’s all but been confirmed Sam Bennett sucker punched Brad Marchand in Game 3 of the Bruins vs Panthers NHL Playoff series.

TNT released an alternative angle showing Bennett’s punch on Marchand prior to Sunday’s Game 4. This angle makes it clearer than ever that Bennett sucker punched Marchand during a controversial sequence on Friday.

Here is the newly released angle, including a slo-motion view:


Marchand was injured by a seemingly harmless “reverse” style hit from Bennett during Friday’s game. Many hockey fans were initially stumped trying to figure out how Marchand suffered an injury as a result. The original replays only showed the play from one side, which hid Bennett’s arm and punch.

Check out the original views of the Bennett hit aired during Game 3:

No penalty was called on the play, but the Bruins believed there was clear evidence Bennett intentionally targeted Marchand’s head. We now understand what the players and coaches were referring to in their post-game press conferences.

“People can say it wasn’t intentional, but we have our view of it,” said Montgomery in his Game 3 post-game press conference.

What’s puzzling it why it took two days for this angle to come out. We can’t imagine the Department of Player Safety didn’t see this view if they reviewed the incident. The only explanation would be they didn’t deem it a suspendable offense.

This isn’t the first time Bennett has delivered a questionable hit. In 2022, he was suspended for three games for an illegal check to the head. During the 2023 NHL Playoffs, he was fined for cross-checking the Maple Leafs’ Michael Bunting and knocked Matthew Knies out of the series with a concussion.

Bennett has a reputation as a hard-nosed player who toes the line. While often his hits will border on being acceptable, it’s hard to argue he stayed within the boundaries here.

Bruins fans are arguably upset with this alternative angle coming out. Many are questioning why this footage wasn’t released immediately. Bennett could have faced supplemental discipline for the play if the footage had come to light in a timely manner.

Popular Bruins fan and NHL podcast host Pete Blackburn sarcastically tweeted, “It’s pretty crazy that TNT and the Bruins have secret cameras that nobody at the league office has access to!!

Marchand has been ruled out for Game 4 and Game 5 with his undisclosed injury. This alternative angle is sure to add more fireworks to an already nasty playoff series.