Alex Ovechkin spears Trent Frederic

Alex Ovechkin had enough of Boston Bruins rookie Trent Frederic on Wednesday evening. After the 23-year-old Boston rookie went after the Washington Capitals’ captain throughout the game, Ovechkin decided to put an end to it all with a nasty spear to Frederic’s private parts.

It all started in the second period when Frederic shoved Ovechkin into the boards and then tried to fight the Russian legend. Ovechkin’s reaction was priceless, as he made it clear he wasn’t dropping the gloves with the Bruins’ youngster.

Did Frederic forget what happened the last time an NHL rookie dropped the gloves with Ovechkin? Hint: it didn’t end well for a 19-year-old Andrei Svechnikov.

Here’s the hilarious sequence with Frederic trying to fight Ovechkin, and Ovi simply not having any of it.

Later in the game, Frederic and Ovechkin would meet once again. Frederic went after Ovechkin with a few cross-checks and Ovechkin retaliated by spearing Frederic in the privates.


What’s surprising about the whole sequence is that both players were only called for offsetting minor “roughing” penalties. This type of play typically results in an automatic 5 minute major penalty and a game misconduct.

Ovechkin went nuts, and it’s possible he will be receiving a call from the NHL for this one.