Alex Ovechkin scores soccer goal for FC Dynamo Moscow

Alex Ovechkin can score from his office in any sport.

Washington Capitals’ captain Alex Ovechkin scored a goal in his debut with FC Dynamo Moscow on Saturday. Ovechkin signed a one-game contract with the soccer club on Friday.

FC Dynamo Moscow played FC Akmal in a friendly match at VTB Arena stadium on Saturday. It only took 11 minutes for Ovechkin to score a goal. The NHL legend kicked a goal in with his left foot after receiving a pass close to the net.

Ovechkin was wearing the number 3, which is the same number his father, Mikhail, wore when he played for Dynamo Moscow.

Check out Ovechkin scoring a goal on the pitch below:


Ovi couldn’t have been more excited after scoring the goal. The Dynamo soccer club shared some incredible photos of Ovechkin celebrating his soccer goal:

Ovechkin also laid the body in his debut with Dynamo Moscow. Ovechkin used his large frame to knock a much smaller player off the ball:

Considering Ovechkin is consistently among the NHL hit leaders, it’s not surprising to see him bring the physicality to the soccer field. Without all his hockey equipment on, you can really see how much of a tank Ovechkin is.

Dynamo Moscow dominated FC Akmal and won the game 5-0. To cap off Ovechkin’s great afternoon, the NHL star was named MVP of the match:

Ovechkin recently returned to his hometown of Moscow following a two-week vacation in Southern Turkey. While the vacation provided some nice relaxation, Ovi didn’t waste any time getting back to athletics.

Ovechkin has watched multiple Dynamo Moscow soccer games as a spectator this summer and couldn’t resist joining the team as a player. He also has a prior relationship with the club due to his dad playing for the team.

Even though soccer is a different sport than hockey, Ovechkin is still scoring goals and having the time of his life doing so.