Mathieu Olivier bloodies Kurtis Gabriel in AHL fight
(Photo Credit: @mkeadmirals/ Twitter)

Hockey fights can be brutal.

A vicious hockey fight took place in the AHL on Friday, March 11th. Kurtis Gabriel of the Rockford Icehogs and and Mathieu Olivier of the Milwaukee Admirals dropped the gloves in a spirited tussle. One player definitely got the worst of the fight, however.

The fight unfolded towards the end of the first period. Gabriel and Olivier reportedly organized the scrap during a commercial break. Gabriel is 6″4, 200 lbs, while Olivier is 6’2″, 210 lbs.

Olivier absolutely laid into Gabriel with the right hand, leaving the Icehogs’ forward bloodied. Gabriel’s entire face shield was covered in blood. Despite the blood on his visor, Gabriel kept fighting and got in a few punches on Olivier.

Here’s video of the fight, with pictures of the bloody aftermath below:


“Wait till you see the other guy” – Kurtis Gabriel, probably.

Kurtis Gabriel bloody after fight with Mathieu Olivier

Olivier was fired up at after the scrap, pumping up the crowd as he skated off the ice. We can’t fault Olivier for celebrating his victory. It isn’t very often that a player gets the better of Gabriel in a fight.

Rockford won the game in the shootout, but the fight was what everyone was talking about. This was old time hockey at it’s finest. Some hockey fans on social media are calling it the bloodiest hockey fight they’ve ever seen.

According to the website Hockey Fights, this was already the seventh fight of the season for Gabriel in the AHL. Olivier is also known to drop the gloves and has fought twice in the AHL in 2021-22.

There’s some NHL ties to this brutal fight, as both players have played in the NHL. Gabriel played for the Wild, Devils and Sharks, while Olivier has suited up for the Nashville Predators.

You simply don’t see hockey fights like this very often.